Designing Tile Patterns

Instead of using wallpaper or painting the walls, bring the walls in your home to life with ceramic tiles, especially in the bathroom. With the many colors and patterns available from a decorative ceramic wall tile, it’s easy to arrange them in a way that depicts your personality and that matches the other designs and colors in the room. Tiles are also a bit easier to change if you remodel the room instead of removing paint or wallpaper.

If you don’t like brighter colors, then consider alternating different shades of blue in the bathroom since the color resembles water. Make the floor the focus of the bathroom by creating a design that is breathtaking and that is attractive to the eye as soon as you enter the room. Use colors that contrast well together, such as beige and brown or different shades of grays.

Add a bit of fun to the bathroom by getting creative with the tiles that are used. Bright colors make a small bathroom stand out. Create a graphic pattern on the bathroom door with colors that you might not think about when designing the room, such as green or orange. Use ceramic tiles of the same color on the walls in the bathroom either in a specific pattern or just in a few areas to take up space beside the sink or next to the shower.

One way to add depth and details to the bathroom with tiles is to use different shapes as well as different colors. You can create a division in the bathroom between the wet areas and those that tend to stay dry by using different colors and patterns. When you’re planning your bathroom using tiles, pay attention to the details so that everything flows together instead of being jumbled in place.