The Idea of Setting Space in a Minimalist House Type 36

Anyone can change his home seem ‘homey and loveable’ only with his own hand creativity.

It has a building area of 36 square meters and a land area of 90 square meters. Inside there are two bedrooms, one bathroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, and garden, as is typical of type 36 homes.

But thanks to his expertise that starts from the diligent look at post photos in Pinterest, a small house that can look relieved just by applying a number of moment. If you want to d├ęcor your home you need Interior Designers this is the list of Interior Designers List.


“It is undeniable that the type 36 houses make residents rather difficult to move. Therefore, do not aggravate the existing conditions by placing a lot of goods/furniture and trinkets that are not functional, “said the woman who is familiarly called Kanya.


According to him, most people actually consider a small house to be a major problem so they are lazy to decorate it.

In fact, as long as know the gap, a narrow house can still be as beautiful as a large-sized house.

“Let me look broad, I recommend a light gray color as the main color of the wall. This color is able to work well together when combined with more colorful ornaments, for example, stickers or wall lamps,

The child’s bedroom look should be designed to be as attractive as possible since children need imagination, inspiration, and inclusion that can encourage the growing process.

Asked about the orientation of the theme on the interior of the house, she claimed more emphasis on Scandinavian style. That’s why the selection of furniture tends to be all-white.

“White is not only able to make the room look elegant, but also can give the illusion of a more spacious. It works! “He said with a smile.

Even so, in fact, she does not fully carry the Scandinavian style in the whole space of the house. Some areas actually look modern-minimalist style as photographed in the kitchen.