A Modern Upgrade to Window Shutters That Beats Other Window Treatments

The windows of modern homes add up to a significant amount of space that needs to be decorated with a covering to control light and privacy, and they also need to be visually appealing inside and out. Drive down any suburban street, and you will see everything from mini blinds to heavy draperies used as window coverings with none of them adding much in the way of curb appeal to the home. A look at the evolution of windows in homes leads to the revelation of the latest in wooden shutters that beat other window treatments hands down.

Early Windows

You may think of window glass as a modern invention, but it was actually in use during the Roman era. It was still pricey in England up until the 18th Century when the familiar double-hung windows began to appear. A typical use of Roman era glass was to make panels to use as skylights to let light in. The earliest windows were just holes in the wall. Then someone got the idea that shutters could provide privacy and protection. When window glass became common, shutters were still helpful in protecting the glass and adding a bit of security.

Specialty Shutters

In hurricane areas temporary shutters are used to protect the window glass from flying debris. They vary from sheets of plywood attached with screws to metal contraptions that attach with specially made brackets. Shutters are also useful in areas where snowfall amounts and drifting snow can pile up against windows in the winter. These are exterior shutters, but the first shutters were installed on the inside so they could easily be closed and secured from inside the home.

Fake Shutters

These can be seen practically everywhere. They resemble louvered shutters, but they are not. They are installed to the left and right of windows in suburban homes, but they are just fake shutter panels that are screwed to the wall and in a color to match the color scheme of the house. Most of them are made of plastic where the color fades over time. They are completely non-functional and are only supposed to be decorative pieces to improve curb appeal of your home, but their popularity is waning.

A New Era in Window Shutters

Returning to the functional use of window shutters to control light and privacy, there is a new style of wooden residential window shutters that are available today. Instead of just being added to a window as draperies and blinds are, the shutters are custom made for each window in your home and become part of the architecture of your home. On the inside you have full control to open and close them to adjust the amount of light you want to let in during the day. They also provide complete privacy when you want it.

Modern wood shutters are available in solid or louvered designs. You can choose frames to fit the inside or outside of your interior window spaces. You can also choose from colors or stained wood finishes that equal the look of fine cabinetry. Also, unlike draperies and many window blinds that require professional or special cleaning methods, the modern wooden shutters are easy to clean with a cloth. They look great from the inside and the outside of your home, and they require no further embellishments or other window treatments. Plus, they actually become a selling point, improving the value of your home.

If you cannot find the look you want for your windows at home, then take a closer look at modern wooden shutters that are a great enhancement for the look of your home, inside and out.