Advantages Offered by Installing a Pool Enclosure

When it is time to begin enjoying the outdoors and particularly the pool, it is possible to do so in comfort. The advantages offered by an enclosure for this area will allow you to have more time to relax. How else do they help?

Keeping Pests Away

An enclosure can help to keep mosquitoes, gnats, flies, bees, and other pests away. Not only are the pests annoying, but they make a mess in the pool. In addition, you will not need to use large amounts of bug repellent to keep them away. Even larger animals sometimes find their way to the pool for a dip. An enclosure can keep raccoons, mice, dogs, and cats away from the pool.

A Cleaner Pool

Everyone with a pool knows how much time they spend keeping it clean. Depending on the type of enclosure used, it can help to keep the water much cleaner. Falling leaves and other debris will require more work to remove even if a pool sweep or a vacuum is used for cleaning. One example of a company offering a Jacksonville pool enclosure is Core. An enclosure can help by reducing the amount of work it takes to clean the pool, and it helps keep it cleaner.

Filtered Sunshine

It is common knowledge that too much sun is not good for people. Rather than having to lather on sunscreen and reapply it several times, you can enjoy the filtered sun with an enclosure. They help to reduce the amount of harmful UV rays while swimming or sunbathing. It can also help reduce the fading of furniture used by the pool.

A pool enclosure can be custom designed for your pool no matter what size or shape. They provide safety as well. Every year children drown because they fall into a pool when no one is around. The enclosure can be locked to keep children out of the area of the pool unless they are being supervised. It is also beneficial for keeping neighborhood children from wandering into this area.