Airport Construction Projects Are Changing the Dynamics of Travel Time

One of the most antiquated airports in the United States, LaGuardia Airport, is finally on its way to becoming a modern airport. Delta Airlines is spending $3.4 billion to bring its New York terminal up-to-date. The Delta project is one of the largest private investments in a public asset in the state of New York. Plus, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey are throwing in another $600 million, and former basketball great Magic Johnson is also investing in the project. The Delta construction project is part of a separate public-private partnership that is rebuilding the central terminal of the airport, so it sits closer to the Grand Central Parkway. New parking, better airport roads, and a cool central entry hall are all part of the $8 billion plus construction project.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey put a partnership together with a large Swedish construction company to complete the work by 2020. There are not many construction companies that have the resources, expertise, and manpower to complete a massive project like that one. The Sierra Group in Glendale, California is another company that offers commercial facility services capable of executing a wide range of services that start with ground up construction and continue long after the project is over. The Sierra Group offers maintenance services that keep the project functioning when minor plumbing, electrical, and carpentry issues develop later.

The LaGuardia Airport project is just one airport construction project that will change the dynamics of air travel. Kennedy Airport in New York will also be part of New York’s mission to make airports more flyer friendly. There is a push to attract more people to airports to dine, see a movie, enjoy some form of entertainment and then take a flight to another destination. The old airports will all need the services of the Sierra Group or other large construction companies to keep up with the massive airport projects underway in China, Mexico City, Singapore, Russia, Dubai, Amsterdam, and Japan. All of those airport projects will move airports to the next level, and New York and California, as well as other major U.S. cities, will have to continue to invest to survive.

Airports are part of the technology revolution that is changing the way people live. Commercial construction companies like the Sierra Group are turning the page, and they are giving consumers buildings, airports, apartments, and warehouses that are multi-functional. The age of everything techno is turning construction companies into the rock stars of the 21st-century. New construction techniques and materials, as well as better safety standards and more energy efficient systems, are the norms in the commercial construction business. Companies that do not conform to the standards set by the industry cannot survive in this high-cost and high-risk business. But the Sierra Group is one company that has a plan to survive. The plan includes an emphasis on good project management, a commitment to dependability and integrity, quality customer service, and good decision making in all aspects of each new project.