Post Title Things You Need To Do Before Professional Movers Get To Moving Your Family’s Belongings

Two Happy Male Workers Putting Furniture And Boxes In Truck

Anywhere between one and two in 10 Americans move each year. One of the highest proportions of Americans to ever move came in 1948, says the United States Census Bureau, at 20 percent of the population. In 2017, however, only 11 percent of Americans packed up their belongings and moved to a different nation, state, city, or street. Whether you’re moving to upgrade residences, start a family, or to pick up a new job, there are a few things you’ll need to know about the moving process.

Create a Checklist of Your Most Valuable Items

In addition to creating a physical or digital checklist of these belongings, take at least one clear picture of each item. This helps decrease the likelihood of accidentally leaving them behind, throwing them away, or not being able to recover them if they’re stolen.

You Don’t Need to Pack Everything

Throwing things away is difficult for many of us, even if we’re not anywhere close to being hoarders. However, remember that most movers charge based on either the number of pounds moved, the total volume of items packed, or the time they moved things. The more things you pack, the more expensive the process of moving will be. Is it really worth paying a premium for things like old newspapers and clothes you’ve done away with?

Don’t Take Food With You

Even if you’re only moving 10 minutes away, a box of perishable food packed first can turn sour, rotten, or otherwise inedible by the time the moving truck is unloaded. Many movers refuse to transport food. If you hire a professional mover that does allow food transport, don’t take advantage of the opportunity!

Consider Having One Small “Essentials” Bag Per Person

You may want to bring along prescribed medications, toilet paper, device chargers, and other high-use items on each of your family member’s persons during the moving process. A small bag per person should be plenty of room to store these items. Unless your household is in great shape, doesn’t have many things to pack, and moving right next door, you should seriously consider hiring local movers hackettstown nj. Why bother breaking a leg?