Simple Mistakes That Can Harm Your Appliance

No matter how hard you try and take care of your appliances, there can be an innocent action that ends up causing unintended damage. Below are a few things to watch out for.

Cleaning Too Quickly

The porcelain liner in an oven is sensitive to temperature changes. It seems instinctual to want to clean spills as soon as they happen. They are often easier to clean. You may want to change your tactic when it comes to porcelain surfaces. Allow the surface to cool naturally before scrubbing it clean. The sudden change in temperature of a cool rag can crack the surface. This type of mistake can be costly to fix.

Sugar and Porcelain

Nearly everyone that has done stovetop cooking has had at least one incidence of something boiling over or popping as it heats. These spills are not too hard to clean up after the food is made. Have you ever notices small pits and areas where the food simply won’t budge? Oddly enough, food that has a high sugar content will actually begin to bond with a porcelain stove surface. Keep a warm sponge handy to immediately wipe these spots.

Watch the Hinges

Opening the oven door and walking away might be a huge mistake. Ask someone to come in behind you and close the door. Accidental bumps against an open oven door can screw up the hinges to the point that they need to be replaced.

Too Much Cleaner

The electrical controls on appliances are highly sensitive parts. it is best to be careful when cleaning these areas. Try not to douse them with too much liquid. Either wring a rag out and gently wipe or spray cleaner on a rag and clean the surface. Do not spray cleaner directly onto the control panels.

Carefully Vacuum Vents

Refrigeration vents are highly sensitive. They need to be fully open to allow enough fresh air in to cool the appliance. Vacuum the vents with care. Accidentally bending them can close them off enough to cause overheating.

Clean Stainless Steel With the Grain

Wipe stainless steel appliance surfaces with the visible grain. Going against the grain or using circular swipes will leave permanent marks on the surface.

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