Steps to Find a Domestic Worker Match the Criteria

Often we unwittingly underestimate the profession and the work of Domestic Workers or domestic workers who actually have a very large contribution in social life and economic life of society, especially today.

Due to underestimate domestic work it is not uncommon to make many people searching for domestic workers regardless of the skills and background of the workers. In fact, the purpose of hiring a domestic helper (house cleaning service) to not only clean the house but also keep it.

As a result, there are many cases of domestic servants who commit crimes ranging from stealing property belonging to service users, violence to children, to kidnapping children reported in the media that makes people feel hesitant to use the services of domestic workers.


Unfortunately, looking for a homemaker who has good skills and the background is not an easy matter. The level of trust is the most important condition in choosing a good housekeeper. So, how to get a helper worker who has the appropriate qualifications and criteria?

Here are the right steps to find a housekeeper that fits your criteria:


List of Maid criteria


List the desired criteria

When looking for domestic help workers, of course, all you need is the ability. For that, make a list of the skills you need to be hired, for example, you need a housekeeper just to clean the house, then the list of abilities you need is a person capable of sweeping, mopping, wiping, vacuuming, and other environmental cleaning activities with good.

Once the list of capabilities you need is ready, you can sort everything you need most. This will help you to examine domestic helper workers first before accepting work at your home.


Check the reputation of the dealer agency


Usually, before signing a contract for domestic help workers, you and the dealer will meet to discuss criteria and other matters. It’s a good idea to find out the background of an agency that will distribute domestic help long before deciding to contact the agency.

This is very useful to ensure the ability of workers and also check the agency as the person in charge of workers whether to have complete documents as supporters such as business licensing and so forth.