Where to Begin on Your Fixer Upper

Buying a home as a fixer upper can be a wonderful investment, especially if you enjoy doing home improvement projects. In addition to being a smart financial move, these types of homes are ideal for those wanting to create their dream house. As the repairs and improvements are made, you can choose exactly what materials, colors, and styles you want. Unfortunately, this sort of project can be overwhelming as well. Use the following guidelines to simplify the process.

Start with the Structure

A great place to begin is with the actual structure of the house. Have any needed repairs taken care of such as foundation work or basement waterproofing. If the roof is worn with curling or missing shingles, have it replaced before it begins leaking. This is also a good time to have new siding added. The siding installation St Charles MO offers includes professionals like EZ Home Solutions that can transform the look of your house.

Next, Tackle the Interior

Once the exterior of the house is in order you can move indoors. If you plan to move any walls or repair existing ones, this should be done first. Once the layout is the way you want it, you can move on to the fun experiences such as picking out your flooring and appliances. Make sure all bathrooms are operating properly. Resolve any plumbing issues as well as electrical problems before moving on.

Pick Your Finishing Touches

At this point the hardest work is behind you. You are now left with painting the walls in the colors you have chosen, installing carpeting, and selecting all of your lighting fixtures. Most of this is cosmetic, and it will make your home reflect your personal style more so then any of the previous steps. Once these issues are addressed, you’re left with nothing more than the actual moving in and decorating.

By following these tips you can get started on your fixer upper while skipping the headaches associated with wondering where to begin. You’ll be able to tackle issues one step at a time, and be able to enjoy the process as you pick out exactly what you have been dreaming of. In the end, you’ll have the home of your dreams at an affordable price.